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Using highly active natural plant ingredients prescribed just for you from the worlds first carbon neutral skin care brand...


Germaine De Capuccini are a high end Spa brand found in the most prestigious salons & Spas around the world, they are number 1 in Spain & Italy & Number 4 around the world so you can rest assure that you are getting proven results with your beautiful pamper experience


Even the most sensitive of skins can be helped with this amazing range, why not see what it can do for you

A Taste Of Germaine                    30 mins           30.00

A Prescriptive Facial for those in a hurry, our skin equivalent to a power nap, the perfect quick fix!

Using products that are tailored for your skin type. Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Masssage & Moisturise.

Using exclusive formulas with plant extracts to nourish & treat skin bespoke to you!

Royal Jelly Anti Stress     75 mins      45.00

A strengthening facial for tiered stressed skin

Packed with anti-oxidants and essential nutrients, our Royal Elixir facial is ideal for tired and stressed skin. The skin regains its strength and natural immunity against daily aggressions.

An exceptional facial line with all the benefits of Royal Jelly – an outstanding nourishing elixir, combined with Poria Cocos Extract – a fungus with extraordinary anti-age power!

Hydracure Intense Hydration      75 mins               60.00

This treatment ifs for thirsty skin which is deeply dehydrated, your first step in anti-aging!

After just 1 treatment, 100% of clients have more hydrated skin*. This is achieved through our unique “Hydractive” blend of ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and natural spring water from the Izumo Yumura thermal spring in Japan. Your skin is provided with the natural healing ability to retain moisture.

Hydracure contains high, medium & low weight molecular ingredients which include Hyaluronic Acid to restore hydration and prevent water loss whilst also strengthening and improving firmness of the skin.

Using thermal aqua from a volcanic spring in Japan rich in nutrients

So Delicate Sensitive Skin corrector   60 mins     45.00

A natural plant based facial to calm & correct sensitivity

A blend of natural plant extracts and oils combine with exclusive technologies to restore the stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the skin which creates sensitivity when damaged. The natural defence mechanisms of the skin cells are stimulated, increasing the skin’s tolerance level and providing a comforting and soothing sensation

The exclusive combination of natural extracts: lupin, corn, arnica, calendula (marigold), carrot and rice.

For best results to calm the skin & restore your tolerance a course is highly recommended.

SkinZen Rose Facial        60 mins      45.00

For skin suffering from redness, dryness, signs of aging and sensitivity from emotional stress, tension and depresion.

This stunning and intensive therapy uses the essence of flowers and plants in a concentrated formula with a highly active anti-stress action

With petals of the Gallic Rose and extracts of the Arctic Rose, Black Rose, White Rose and the Nepalese Rose your skin is soothed, hydrated and nourished, and you may breathe in the natural scents of the Roses providing an emotional sense of wellbeing.

Purexpert  Rebalance              75 mins                60.00

A purifying facial to reduce oiliness & spots

Purexpert commences with an enzyme packed gel to extract blackheads and whiteheads, followed by a red clay mask to deeply cleanse and reduce the size of the pores. The treatment concludes with a Blemish Balm (BB) Cream to leave the skin smooth & hydrated.

Its formula contains Red Clay, purifying and astringent, Oily-Reduction Phytocomplex, reduces the appearance of pores, Tartaric Acid and Wax Micro-Spheres that immediately renew the epidermis, together with an innovative hydrating ingredient in the form of a sugar net that guarantees the skin’s natural balance.

For best results to normalise & balance the skin have every 2 weeks.