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Choose Universal Contour Wrap Carboxy CO2 Anti-Cellulite Treatment for proven results....

The answer to your cellulite worries in just 4 1 hr treatments


Cellulite is smoothed & Calmed

Impurities removed from the skin

Fat cells destroyed

Skin is brighter, thicker & firmer

Inflammation is reduced

Carboxy CO2 Treatment                        1hr             £70.00

The Proven Cellulite Treatment

How does it work?

Carboxy Therapy works by pushing CO2 into the skin, the body then recognises this as a waste product and is tricked into sending oxygen into the affected area through the blood stream. The CO2 is then carried back to the lungs. This action improves the cellular metabolism, whilst also pushing blood into the deeper tissues, resulting in thicker firmer and the natural healing power of the skin in strengthened.

The treatment works with patented ingredients that work together for instant lasting results. Some of the key ingredients are Adiposlim that eliminates fat storage, PPC to break down fat tissue, with other key ingredients that condition the skin, shape the contours and reduce cellulite.

Our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil containing ‘Lipout’ a trade mark patented formula that is shown to reduce targeted areas thighs, abdomen and hips by 4.9 cm in 2 months

* we recommend a course of 4 treatments to be taken a week apart for best results, your course also includes a home care kit to use in between which will ensure the best results.

Book a course of 4 with home care kit for just £320.00