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Let our In Salon Make Up Artist Georgie give you either tips on make up application that are tailored just for you or full on make up lessons on Natural or Glam looks or any occasion...

We run make up classes regularly on a one to one basis or group sessions of up to 3 people at a time.

Full Face Perfection                             £90

This course allows you to create any full face look of your choice.

The focus is making sure you can complete a full look of your choice, this can be a natural look, a glam look (as pictured), or period look like 20’s, 30’s etc, or to learn how to do your own wedding make up especially if your getting married abroad.

Leaving you to be able to re-create a make up artist standard finish to yourself or a model.

Eye Catching                                           £60

Perfect any eye make up style of your choice, smokey, period!

This class focuses on just the eye area which is the one area some people struggle with, we will show you how to create a look you want or how to use a look to enhance your eye colour or open up the eye area & make your eyes look bigger.

This can be done on a model or on yourself.

Perfect Match Foundation                £50

This is to perfect match your foundation colour to your skin tone, to show you contouring/strobing, as well as what & where bronzer & blush should sit on your face.

Showing you how to create an overall perfect base.

This can be done on yourself or a model