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Aesthetic Care for Oncological Patients  ...


We understand that when you are going through treatment for cancer that there are other effects on your skin and mental health that you may find hard to deal with. We can offer you treatments and home care that will greatly reduce the side effects from treatments as well as reduce the stress and anxiety that you are going through at this difficult time, please take your time and read through our recommendations for you as there are different treatments that you can have and that you will benefit from at different stages of your treatment as well as home care that will give you remarkable effects in caring for your skin..


Oncology Massage                           Coming Soon

Client Review on products during and after treatment..

 ‘I use the Salon myself for my own treatments and when my partner was diagnosed with cancer and we were told how the radiation would affect his skin I asked Davina for some advice.

Davina recommended the So Delicate - Germaine De Capuccini range which I already use myself due to reddened skin.

It was amazing and the oncology staff at Cheltenham couldn't believe how well his skin had coped with the treatment. His skin recovered so well and didn't ‘break’ (peal & fall off) which is unheard of.

Thanks Davina xxxx

Changes to expect ..

The most frequent skin alterations related to oncological treatments are:

What you can do to make it easier for yourself.

   For Dry Skin:

   For Irritated Skin with Pruritus:

   For Radiodermatitis (skin reddening which is very similar to sunburn)

   For Hyperpigmentation:

   For Sun Sensitivity

  For Paleness-Sallow Colour

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Care - before & after the treatment

To Do:-

What Not To Do:-

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Care - during the treatment

To Do:-

What Not To Do:-

Aesthetical Care After The Treatment

Once the treatment has finished it is recommended to wait approximatley one month, always following your GP’s orders to carry out again more specific and intense facial and body treatments.

It is necessary to respect this time and wait so that the body can elimiate the medication adequatley.

It is recommended to carry out a new skin analysis to adapt the skin care cosmetics to the new needs.

If you have undergone radiotherapy it is probable that there is residual damage on the treated area that manifests with pigmentation alterations, telangiectasias, finer and more sensitive skin etc.

These alterations can be solved with treatments like Intense puled light, neodymium laser or photodynamic therapy.

Aesthetical Care (Salon & Home Care) Recommendations Before, During & After the Oncological Process

Salon Treatments:-

Home Care